Our Mission

MIWD is the primary program of The Center for Writing and Communication (CFWAC). Our mission is to establish CFWAC as a primary source

for business writing and communication training for workforce development and readiness through innovative programs to develop these value-added skills for the purpose of improving workplace competencies for those who are ready and committed to move to increased self-reliance and economic independence,

including focus on people with disabilities.

#Disability #Inclusion #Works


The ROI of Disability Inclusion

The ROI of disability inclusion is no different than ROI in business applications. It is a performance measure used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment, albeit human capital instead of financial capital. This is what YOU can do as a business owner or hiring manager:

• Hiring qualified job seekers with disabilities.

• Educating all employees and stakeholders on disabilities etiquette, language, and work habits

• Improving physical accessibility (Universal design) to buildings, offices, cubicles, public areas, and restrooms

• Raising awareness within your firm of hidden disabilities and how to support people working with chronic health conditions, serious illnesses, mental health issues, non-visible, and temporary disabilities

• Supporting disabled-owned businesses when vetting suppliers, services providers, and consultants


Employees with Disabilities are Employee of The Month Every Month

Job seekers (moreover, job seekers with disabilities) must stop applying simply to get a job, just as hiring managers and businesses need to stop hiring simply to fill a position. Knowing that you are armed with the same skills and qualifications as the competition will subsequently arm you with the confidence and erudition to be more selective about the positions for which you apply. You want the job that is offers stability as well as sustainability so that you will be Employee of the Month Every Month, not repeating the job search process every few months. 


flip it Reverse Job & Career Fair


flip it seeks to connect job seekers with disabilities with business owners and hiring managers by turning the tables on the traditional job fair. These connections will create job and career opportunities with sustainable, living wages for employees with disabilities while filling critical roles within companies with qualified individuals from an underutilized talent pool.

Job Seeker registration begins July 1, 2019, with business owners and hiring managers registration beginning July 15th.

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